River Ward and Medway Conservatives -  just some of the achievements since May 2007 
River Ward Conservatives
Promoting positive policies to make River Ward even better
New Road, Manor Road, Gundulph Road, Hamond Hill, High Street Rochester had been plagued with prostitution for many years, 99% of it is drug driven with those engaged in the trade simply feeding a Class A drug habit. Cllr Mackinlay, working with Medway Police and Medway Drugs and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) and the new 'safe exit' approach has taken 80% of the working girls off of the street. Increased police action against kerb crawlers has added to the effectiveness. For the first time in years, local residents have been freed from this blight on the local streets. Medway Police have received a national award for their "Safe Exit" scheme that has been so well received by Chatham and Rochester residents. 
Drugs and Alcohol
Cllr Mackinlay has been working to ensure that drug treatment in Medway is more effective. Lots still to do, the closure of the Manor Road clinic is a solid step in the right direction. Alcohol in our High Streets is a local blight which deters shoppers. A lot of action to date and much more to come, working in partnership with Medway Police.
Residents in the central area of Chatham & Rochester face difficulties in parking near to their homes in designated residents only parking areas. Action is underway (a 3 year battle) to ensure that residents have first priority.
Cleaner streets and open spaces
All River Ward conservatives have a watching eye over the quality of street cleaning and the maintenance of greenspaces. There is regular action where our contractors have been made to 'pull their socks up' and deliver the service River Ward residents deserve. Our local country parks have won awards as 'best in class' across the country.
Cllr Mackinlay is uniquely responsible for pushing Medway Council's response to graffiti on both public and private properties way up the agenda. There are now council funded 'graffiti busting teams' who remove graffiti as soon as it arises.
Using other agencies to deliver improvements
Cllr Mackinlay has forged new positive links with local probation service and utilises offenders on 'Community payback' for local clean-ups and improvement projects with his councillor's ward funding buying paint and equipment
Weekly bin collections
The last Labout government were way down the line towards enforcing all local authorities to have collections every two weeks and to implement madcap 'pay as you throw' schemes. This was fiercely opposed by all Medway Conservatives. Weekly collections remain and are safe - GUARANTEED.
Medway tunnel
Despite spin and lies by the opposition, there are no plans whatsoever for tolls to use the tunnel. It is Medway Conservative MPs who are demanding that the Department of Transport adopt Medway Tunnel as part of the national road network so that future costs fall, correctly, to national government and not to Medway taxpayers.
School bus service for St Mary's Island children
This new service started with this new academic year, fully supported and argued for by River Ward conservatives, with a generous 20,000 subsidy from Medway Council's transport budget.
Ward funding
Some 12,000 of Ward funding has been provided by Cllr Mackinlay to support local projects and help local groups - Medway Little Theatre, Chatham Pensioners' group, Brompton village fair, St Mary's Island Youth Club, St Mary's Island School's science facilities, The Brompton Amateur Boxing Club, Caring Hands in the Community being just a few. Financial support also goes to groups who provide meeting facilities for local PACTs (Partners and Communities Together).
Promoted by Craig Mackinlay of 8 Manor Road, Chatham, ME4 6AG and Rochester and Strood Conservative Association of OCBU Club, 13-15 High Street, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5AA
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