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Medway Street Car Park - now a Medway Council facility
After intense lobbying by Cllr Mackinlay, the Council have now taken a lease on the Medway Street Car Park from the private owners. The owners had run the car park for many years but had employed an aggressive firm of car clampers to supervise out of hours operations. Local restaurant owners had faced serious complaints from customers who had been clamped and were being charged hundreds of pounds as a release fee with virtual 'bully-boy' tactics. The move into Council control has been warmly welcomed by local business owners. It is seen as a good deal all round, providing improvements to a run down site and should see a positive return to the Council's finances.
Chatham clean-up
Tuesday 23rd April saw a clean-up of St John's Church, Railway Street Chatham and the surrounding area with a team of 20 Community Payback (Probation service) offenders.
Substantial progress was made with a skip load of rubbish and overgrown vegetation and weeds removed from the site. Over coming weeks graffiti on the site will be painted out to improve the area further.
This is the first of many clean-ups in Chatham that Cllr Mackinlay hopes to implement with Community Payback over coming months